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Ty's The Matrix Reloaded Site

This is a list of fonts that relate in some way to the movie. Click on an image to download the zipped file. These require Winzip, or WinRAR to open.

This font is what was used for the title of the first movie. The only letters are capital, all of the lowercase letters are variations of spaces. A PDF version of the character map is available here. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This font has nothing to do with the movie, except that the name is Morpheus.

This is a common monospaced font. It is often used in computers, and I believed it is used in the movie. The only problem with it is that it is not a True Type Font, so it looks ugly when enlarged.

This is a lot like courier, but thinner. I prefer courier.

This is another computer font. I think it's cool.

This is the font that text appeared in the movie, especially when numbers are being traced. The most noticable character is the diamond-shaped 'O'